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a bicycle is the acoustic version of a motorcycle 

what the fuck is everyone on this site taking

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sneak peak at Iggy Azalea’s new video

how dare you compare teen pop sensation britney britney to her you uncultured swine


u know when u really like someone and literally every little thing they do is cute and no matter what face they make they always look perfect to you

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Casi todos los hombres pueden soportar la adversidad, pero si quieres probar el carácter de un hombre, dale poder. Abraham Lincoln (via elcielosobremi)
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Campeón, no la dejes ir, ella no sabe volver… (via un-angel-suicida-mas)

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percabeth :3 ❤ they are so cute :D <3 auf We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/117786910